In Cuba, surfing is not legal sport. However, after 50 years of isolation, as US relations thaw and the internet is introduced, two surfers - Frank Gonzales and Yaya Guerrero - are leading the effort to convince the Cuban government that surfing is a legitimate sport.

As a female leader of the underground surfing community, Yaya has spent her life proving the sport is not just for men. When Frank's first daughter Paola is born, he realizes his actions as a father might shape a future full of opportunities for Paola, and they begin rallying support behind their youthful dream of surfing on a global scale.  

'A Cuban surfer is a fighter' - Yaya


Frank Shaping Surfboard

Frank is one of those athletes who's talented at everything he tries. One of the original surfers in Cuba and the island's resource for shaping and fixing old boards, his life revolves solely around chasing waves. However, when his first daughter is born, he realizes her future in the water depends on his actions today. 

At one point Yaya thought she was the only female surfer on the entire island. Admittedly not the best surfer in the world, her passion grew to spreading the sport to as many other females as she could. Battling machismo culture on the island strengthened her resolve and today she is leading the movement to legitimize the sport and get Cuban’s surfing in the 2020 Olympics. 

Rodney does not surf. He plays guitar with the unbelievable touch and finesse that Cuban musicians are known for. A mirror into the heart of all artists, he is part of the community and deepens the impact these surfers message has. In his eyes sports and art are synonymous and the act of chasing your passion is how the best of humanity comes to be. 

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All around the world there is injustice and we often feel incapable of doing anything meaningful in our fragile and short lives. This project taught us how one person's success can catalyze a great wave of empowerment for others, and when friends like these decide work together, good things don't stop happening. 

Know that every hand raised in support via this petition will effect how this story plays out. Please stay in the loop as events might change at a rapid pace, and if you feel inclined to support a little more directly, contact us.